Dr. Alexander Crizzle receives tenure and promotion at the USask School of Public Health. (Photo: Submitted)

Dr. Alexander Crizzle receives tenure and promotion

Dr. Alexander Crizzle (PhD) joined the University of Saskatchewan (USask) in 2016. In his relatively short time at the School of Public Health (SPH), he has made a significant impact both with his research and with his students.

Dr. Alexander Crizzle with the School of Public Health (SPH) received tenure and has been promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan (USask). This is an exciting announcement for SPH and Crizzle, who says that being an academic is one of the best jobs around.

“We pursue our own interests and have opportunities to discuss, ponder and create new ideas of projects, ultimately with the goal of improving some aspect of daily life for Canadians.” Said Crizzle.  

Crizzle’s research areas include gerontology, community mobility, driving assessment and rehabilitation, program and policy evaluation, mental health and addictions, and HIV. He has received numerous grants for his research, including grants from federal organizations, CIHR, CFI and SSHRC, and several provincial grants from organizations including SHRF and OHS. Crizzle recently received recognition as he leads USask in establishing the country’s first state-of-the-art road safety research hub.

“Dr. Crizzle is an important part of the work that we do in the School of Public Health. His research is groundbreaking, relevant and important to our community.” Said Dr. Doug Brothwell (DMD, MPH), Interim Executive Director of SPH. “But Dr. Crizzle isn’t just a researcher, he is an excellent professor who our students enjoy learning from.”

While Crizzle is proud of his research and academic success, he is quick to mention the fulfillment he gets from working with his students and the surrounding community. “Some of my best accomplishments are those that aren’t as noticeable, such as becoming involved in community organizations, the development of new friendships, and mentoring students as future leaders in public health.” Said Crizzle. “I’ve maintained a relationship with all my past graduate students, which is something I look fondly upon, as this reflects the working relationships we had and their happiness with their graduate experience.”

Crizzle enjoys being a part of the community at USask, “Being at USask provides a unique opportunity to work with other like-minded colleagues”. Said Crizzle. “Having a community of researchers, vested stakeholders and ambitious students makes my job fun and rewarding, especially as project results are presented and solutions implemented.”

 “To receive tenure after such a short period of time with the university is a huge accomplishment and speaks to Dr. Crizzle’s level of commitment and professionalism.” Said Brothwell. “He is very deserving of promotion and tenure and I look forward to seeing what his future at USask holds.”

So, now that Crizzle has received tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor within four years of joining USask, what’s next? Taking some time to enjoy the view. “I think I can finally take a step back and breathe in the fresh air. I’m not so much in a rush now – perhaps, I’ll now have more time to enjoy the journey rather than racing down the road.” A fitting statement from the PI of Canada’s first state-of-the-art road safety research hub.

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