1. What is the start date?

The MPH Program starts mid-August with a compulsory Orientation followed by the two-week intensive Foundations for Public Health (PUBH 804) class which runs Monday to Friday all day.  Foundations is a required course.  There is no other start date for the MPH Program.

If you are unable to attend Orientation and Foundations, please apply for the year you are able to attend if accepted.  

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2. Is my background appropriate for this program?

It is strongly recommended that students hold a bachelor's or higher degree in health sciences, life sciences, social sciences, or business.

If you are unsure of the program requirements which will help you make a decision to apply or not apply, please review the 5 core streams of public health.

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3. What does "proof of degree completion mean"?

We must also receive documentation to indicate that your degree has been awarded.  Some transcripts will note this information, while other institutions will provide a separate certificate.  Upload the page from your transcript that indicates the degree has been awarded or a degree certificate.

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4. Must I write an English proficiency test?

Please review the College of Graduate Studies & Research website details for requirements and possible exemptions:

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5. References

Whom should I obtain my references from?

Your referees must be able to speak to your employment and study experiences which relate to your interest in public health, your ability to pursue a degree in interdisciplinary public health and to your education and career aspirations in public health.

Two of your three references, must be academic referees who can speak to your education experience.

How do I know if my referees received and submitted a reference?

Once a reference is submitted electronically by your referee, it will be updated automatically to your check in list.  It may be necessary for you to follow up with your referees to ensure that the reference is submitted by the deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the referee to confirm that they received the request and submitted the reference.

Please ensure you have the correct email addresses for your referees.

Once you submit an application, your referees will be contacted very shortly by email with a link to complete their reference for you.  Sometimes the link for the reference form goes to the spam/junk folder on your referees’ email account.  Please ensure that you have:

  • Confirmed that your referee will be able to provide a reference for you.
  • Enter the correct email address for your referee.
  • Inform them when you apply, as the link will be sent to them very shortly, so they may monitor their email for receipt of the link.

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6. Can I apply if I have not completed my degree?

You may apply and send your current transcripts.  If you are accepted to the program you must supply your final transcripts with degree awarded indicated.  If you are admitted prior to completing your degree, your admission is conditional until the final transcripts and degree awards are received. 

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7. How do I upload documents?

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser to use.

Please scan both sides of a transcript unless the back is blank.

Each preliminary academic transcript must be accompanied by a grading scale or key.  These are typically found either on the back of the transcript itself, or as a separate page attached to the transcript.  If this is not provided, your application cannot be reviewed. 

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8. What if I was not able to pay my application fee during the application process?

Please read “Application Fee Payment” at the following web link:

Your application fee is checked in by a different department on campus, so you will have to keep checking online to see if it has been received.

Check Application Status:

We cannot review any application until the application fee is paid.  

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9. How do I know if my application fee has been received?

Check Application Status:

It will show up as received in your application checklist once the payment has been processed. If your payment does not show up on your account, you can enquire with Student Central using this form.

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10. How do I check the status of my application?

Check your Application Status through the link below.  The checklist will indicate what documents have been received.

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11. What does my "application status" mean?

Status: “Complete Ready for Review” means it will be passed to the committee to review.  You will be notified of the decision.

Decision: “Please contact the Admissions Office” means your file has been reviewed.  You will be notified of the decision.

Decision:  “Department Recommend” means the SPH is recommending you for admission.  An electronic admission letter will follow. 

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12. Who do I contact if I am having trouble accessing my application?

Forgotten WEB ID and PIN:

Locked Out of account/application:

Assistance with NSID and password or accessing PAWS:; 306-966-2222 or 1-800-966-4817,

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13. Will you preview my transcript?

No, previews of transcripts for grade conversion are not done.

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14. Should I submit my WES (World Education Services) evaluated credentials?

The University of Saskatchewan does its own assessment either at the unit level or by an International Credential Evaluator assigned to the College.  The WES evaluations would not be accepted.

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15. Is the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) required?


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16. Do I need a supervisor before I can apply?

The MPH Program is course-based and you do not need a supervisor.

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17. How do I provide Proof of Permanent Residency?

If accepted into the program, you would show your proof of permanent residency to Student Central.

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18. Are there scholarships available for the MPH Program?

There are scholarships available to incoming and continuing students in the MPH program.  All applicants who have applied and completed their application by January 15th will be considered for entrance awards. More information is available here:

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19. What is the tuition fees schedule?

Tuition rates are on the MPH website:

The MPH Program is a professional course-based degree where students are required to complete a minimum of 45 credit units (cu).

  • 8 core – required courses (24 cu)

  • Practicum (6 cu)

  • 15 credit units of elective courses (15 cu)

Tuition is in Canadian dollars and is assessed based on the number of courses taken each term. Tuition does not include student fees.

For more information on tuition and student fees, please visit:

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20. Can tuition be paid in installments?

No, tuition cannot be paid in installments.  Tuition fees are due to be paid in full for each term by the dates listed here

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21. How long does it take to complete the degree?

The MPH Program is designed for completion in two academic years of full time study.  Students may also choose to study part-time over a maximum of 5 years.

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22. What services are available to International Students?

The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) provides valuable information for international students, including Study Permit and Work Permit information.

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23. What does Conditional mean on my admission letter? 

Conditional means that an official document(s) has yet to be submitted by the student.

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24. Can I defer my entry?

Deferral of admission will not be granted to applicants who have been accepted into the MPH program.

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25. What do I do if I am accepted but unable to attend?

Applicants unable to attend in the year they are accepted, must reapply and provide all required documentation. 

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