Interested in a Dr. Of Public Health Degree?

  • The School of Public Health is planning to develop a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) program. A DrPH is an applied, practice-oriented degree in public health and is the most advanced professional degree in public health (in contrast, a PhD is an advanced research degree that prepares individuals for careers in academia and research).
  • A DrPH degree equips public health professionals with advanced applied skills in solving the myriad of public health challenges our society faces today. It prepares public health professionals with skills to develop, implement and evaluate public health programs and policies at the local, national and global arenas.
  • The ideal DrPH candidate will be a mid-career professional who’s aspiring to be a leader in public health and non-profit organizations, including health authorities and governments.
  • Individuals with a Masters degree in public health or a related field, plus at least 3 years of experience in fulltime work in any area of public health will be considered for the DrPH program.

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