Picture of Dr. Thilina Bandara

Dr. Thilina Bandara Assistant Professor

Research Area(s)

  • Public Health System and Services Research
  • Population Health
  • Immunization Programming and Policies
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • One Health
  • Systems Thinking

Recent Grants

Canadian Institutes of Health Research: CoVaRR-Net Rapid Response Research Grant ($325,000). Co-Investigator. “Innovations in Surveillance: Canadian Vaccine Efficacy Sentinel Surveillance System.” (Principal Investigators: Nazeem Muhajarine, Cory Neudorf).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant Understanding and Mitigating Impacts of COVID-19 on Children, Youth & Families ($149,144). Co-Principal Investigator. “Assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on Routine School-Based Immunizations and Investigating Strategies to Catch-up on Missed Immunization Opportunities in Canada”. (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Thilina Bandara)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research: CoVaRR-Net Rapid Response Research Grant ($50,000).  Co-Principal Investigator. “Policies and best practices for surveilling and mitigating the impact of SARS-CoV-2 VOCs”. (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Thilina Bandara, Cheryl Camillo)

University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine Mingling Minds Rapid Response COVID-19 Research Funding ($10,000).

Co-Principal Investigator. “Behavioral Attributes And Readiness For Covid-19 Vaccination Among The University Of Saskatchewan Student Community”. (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Charles Plante)

University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine Research Award (CoMRAD) ($29,227). Co-Principal Investigator. "Untangling Public Health Surveillance and the Development of a Learning Public Health System in Canada". (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Thilina Bandara, Charles Plante)

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer: Action Plan for the Elimination of Cervical Cancer in Canada ($1,544,847). Co-Principal Applicant; Project Lead. “Solutions to Increase Youth HPV Immunization in Canada Project”. (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Thilina Bandara)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research Operating Grant COVID-19 Rapid Response ($230,611). Co-Principal Investigator. “Surveilling the impact of local public health on COVID- 19: A model and application for capturing high-resolution insights from the front-lines during a pandemic”.  (Principal Investigators: Cory Neudorf, Thilina Bandara, Charles Plante)

Recent Publications

Plante C., Sandhu N., Bandara T., Fuller D., Neudorf C. (2022). Defining the “local public health unit” for public health systems and services research in Canada. Canadian Journal of Public Health. doi: https://doi.org/10.17269/s41997-022-00714-9

Malkin J., Allen Scott L., Machado A.A., Teare G., Snider J., Tirmizi S.F.A., Bandara T., Rathwell M., Neudorf C. Factors influencing human papillomavirus school-based immunization in Alberta: A mixed-methods study protocol. PLoS ONE 17(12): e0278472. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0278472:

Bandara T., Neudorf C., Muhajarine N. (2022). An equity‑based assessment of immunization‑related responses in urban Alberta during the 2014 measles outbreak: A comparative analysis between Calgary and Edmonton. Canadian Journal of Public Health: doi: 10.17269/s41997-021-00578-5.                                                          

Plante C., Bandara T., Littlejohns L.B., Sandhu N., Pham A., Neudorf C. (2021). Surveying the local public health response to COVID-19 in Canada: Study Protocol. PLOS ONE. 16(11): e0259590. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0259590. 

Nasser R., Cammer A., Bandara T., Bovee, S. (2021). Staff perceptions of a mealtime management educational video for training in long term care homes. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.  15;1-6. doi:10.3148/cjdpr-2020-031.

Bielska IA, Embrett M, Jewett L, Buote R, Manis DR, Parikh M, Speicher DJ, Agarwal G, Nartowski R, Finnegan H, Bandara T, Hamilton CB, Moore E, Liu RH, Roher SIG, Lopatina E, Nguyen DTK, Lawrence L, Lukewich J. (2020). Canada’s Multi-Jurisdictional COVID-19 Public Health Response – January to May 2020. Public Health and Governance/Zdrowie Publiczne i Zarządzanie; 18(1):88-105.

Bandara T, Musto R, Kancir J, Neudorf C. Public health physician perspectives on developing and deploying clinical practice guidelines during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. (2020). Healthcare Management Forum. 33(4).  https://doi.org/10.1177/0840470420917412.

Bandara, T. (2019). Equity-based Childhood Immunization Policy-Making in Urban Centres Across the Canadian Prairies: A Comparative Study. URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10388/12051 (Doctoral Dissertation).

Goodridge, D., Bandara, T., Marciniuk, D., Hutchinson, S., Crossman, L., Kachur, B., Higgins, D., Bennett, A. (2019). Promoting chronic disease management in persons with complex social needs: A qualitative descriptive study. Chronic Respiratory Disease.  January 2019. doi: 10.1177/1479973119832025.

Fuller, D., Neudorf, J., Lockhart, S., Plante, C., Roberts, H., Bandara, T., Neudorf, C. (2019). Individual- and area-level socioeconomic inequalities in diabetes mellitus in Saskatchewan between 2007 and 2012: A cross-sectional analysis. Canadian Medical Association Journal Open. January 21, 2019: doi: 10.9778/cmajo.20180042.

Bandara, T., Banerjee, A., Dhillon, J., Rafferty, E. (2015). Developing the tools to manage complex crises: Training students in interdisciplinarity. Pedagogy in Health Promotion. December 2, 2015: doi: 10. 1177/2373379915614867.