School of Public Health

Research Areas

  • Health care policy and strategy
  • Medical care organization
  • Entrepreneurship

Current Research

  • Managing Quality in Canadian Hospitals. A three year longitudinal study of work environment factors associated with Quality of Patient Care. Funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research,  Principal Investigator.
  • Research to Action: Applied Workplace Solutions for Nurses Saskatchewan. Pilot Project:  Improving Patient, Nurse, and Organizational Outcomes Utilizing Formal Nurse-Patient Ratios. Jointly funded by Health Canada, Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses & Department of Health of the Province of Saskatchewan, Principal Investigator.
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Current Courses

  • PUBH 808 Health Care Management
  • PUBH 814 Seminar in Health Care Economics 
  • PUBH 843 Seminar in Health Care Regulation & Policy 
  • PUBH 852 Canadian Health Care System

Recent Grants and Awards

As Principal Investigator: 

Supporting a Greater Role of Patients in Assessing Quality, Co-Principal Investigators: Roy Dobson & Rein Lepnurm, Co-Investigators:  David Keegan, Steven Phillips (Dalhousie), Joanne Whitty-Rogers (St.Francis Xavier), Canadian Institutes of Health Research-Regional Partnerships Program, Operating grant, $217,456 - 10/2013 to 10/2015.

Recent Publications

Bermedo-Carrasco, S., Pena-Sanchez, J.N., Lepnurm, R., Szafron, M., Waldner, C. (2015). Inequities in cervical cancer screening among Colombian women: a multilevel analysis of a nationwide survey. Cancer Epidemiology. 39(2):229-36.

Bermedo-Carrasco, S., Feng, C.X., Pena-Sanchez, J.N., Lepnurm, R. (2015). Predictors of having heard about human papillomavirus vaccination: Critical aspects for cervical cancer prevention among Colombian women. Gaceta Sanitaria. 29(2):112-7.

Nesdole, R., Lepnurm, R., Voigts, D., Roberts, R. (2014). Reconceptualizing determinants of health: barriers to improving the health status of First Nations peoples, Canadian J Public Health. 105(3):e209-13.

Peña-Sánchez, J.N., Lepnurm, R., Dobson, R.T., Keegan, D.L. (2014). Impact of payment methods on professional equity of physicians, Journal of Hospital Administration. 3(2), doi: 10.5430/jha.v3n2p50