School of Public Health

Research Areas

  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Statistical methods associated with Monte Carlo data
  • Computational biomodelling of the structure/function of biopolymers
  • Statistical methods for the health sciences including survey data

Current Research

  • Determining the Type II topoisomerase-DNA interaction mechanism via studies of lattice models
  • Determining the product distribution for a recombinase-DNA interaction mechanism via studies of lattice models

Current Courses

  • PUBH 805.3: Biostatistics for Public Health
  • PUBH 811.3: Biostatistics for Public Health II
  • PUBH 898.3: Health promotion programs; planning, implementation and evaluation

Recent Grants and Awards

As Principal Investigator:

M. Szafron. Timelines and predictors of prostate cancer in Saskatchewan: a comprehensive epidemiological review: $22,000. Motorcycle Ride for Dad. May 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020.

M. Szafron. School of Public Health Retrospective Funding. Amount: $45,000. 2015 - 2019

M. Szafron. UofS New Faculty Start-up Funds. Amounts: $10,000 (equipment funds); $5,000 (operating funds); $16,000 (CGPS New Faculty Award, Sep 2017-Aug 2018).

M. Szafron (Fund Manager). Health Canada. Amount: $7,500. Aug - Dec 2018.

As Co-Investigator:

Laprairie, R. (PI), Alcorn, J., Huntsman, R., Lyon, A., Mousseau, D., Seifert, B., Szafron, M. Second Annual Saskatchewan Cannabinoid Research Symposium. SHRF Research Connections Event Grant: $9,400, August 15-16, 2019.

Liu, J. (PI), Feng, C., Khan, S., Osgood, N., Szafron, M., Zhao, Y. CANSSI Health Science Collaborating Centre Establishment Grant: $10,000, 2018-2021.

Graham, H. (co-PI), Swidrovich, J. (co-PI), Berry, L., Bowen, A., Maslin, C., Szafron, M. Gathering for miyo mahcihowin (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing). SHRF Research Connections Event Grant: $10,000, March 15-16, 2018.

Kontulainen, S. (PI), Nour, M. (PI), Bart, A., Baxter-Jones, A., Cooper, D., Johnston, J., Lanovaz, J., Muhajarine, N., Szafron, M., Vatanparast, H., Wark, J., Wiebe, S. Saskatchewan Bone Strength Development Study (BSDS), Bridge Funding for the September 2016 CIHR Project Grant: $100,000, 2017-2018.

Recent Publications

M. Andkhoie, D. Meyers, M. Szafron. (2019). Factors underlying treatment decision-making for
localized prostate cancer in the U.S. and Canada: A scoping review using principal component analysis.
Canadian Urology Association Journal. 13(7):E220-5.

S. McClean, K. Baerg, J. Smith-Fehr, M. Szafron. (2018). Cost savings with transcutaneous screening versus total serum bilirubin for newborn jaundice in a hospital and community settings: a cost minimization analysis. Canadian Medical Association Journal Open. 6(3):E285-E291.

R. Bethune, N. Absher, M. Obiagwu, T. Qarmout, M. Steeves, M. Yagyoubi, R. Tikoo, M. Szafron, C. Dell, M. Farag. (2018). Social determinants of self-reported health for Canada’s Indigenous peoples: a public health approach. Public Health. DOI:

E. Z. Movassagh, A. D. G. Baxter-Jones, S. Kontulainen, S. Whiting, M. Szafron, H. Vatanparast. (2018). Vegetarian-style dietary pattern during adolescence has long-term positive impact on bone from adolescence to young adulthood: a longitudinal study. Nutrition Journal. 17:36.

H. Vatanparast, S. Whiting, A. Hossain, N. Mirhosseini, A. T. Merchant, M. Szafron. (2017). National pattern of grain products consumption among Canadians in association with body weight status. BMC Nutrition. 3:59.

B. McDonald, M. Kulkarni, M. Andkhoie, J. Kendall, S. Gall, S. Chelladurai, M. Yaghoubi, S. McClean, M. Szafron, M. Farag. (2017). Determinants of self-reported mental health and utilization of mental health services in Canada. International Journal of Mental Health. 46(4):299-311.

S. Bajaj, S. Ramayanam, S. Enebeli, H. Nsohtabien, M. Andkhoie, M. Yaghoubi, S. Gall, M. Szafron, M. Farag. (2017). Risk Factors For Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Canada and Provincial Variations. Social Medicine. 11(2): 62-69.

W.I.A. Bonner, M. Andkhoie, C. Thompson, M. Farag, M. Szafron. (2017). Patterns and factors of problematic marijuana use in the Canadian population: Evidence from three cross-sectional surveys. Canadian Journal of Public Health. 108(2): 110-116.

W.I.A. Bonner, R. Weiler, R. Orisatoki, X. Liu, M. Andkhoie, D. Ramsay, M. Yaghoubi, M. Steeves, M. Szafron, M. Farag. (2017). Determinants of self-perceived health for Canadians aged 40 and older and policy implications. International Journal for Equity in Health. 16:94 (9pp).

E. Raffery, W.I.A. Bonner, J. Code, K. McBride, M. Andkhoie, R. Tikoo, S. McClean, C. Dell, M. Szafron, M. Farag. (2017). Factors influencing risky single occasion drinking in Canada and policy implications. Archives of Public Health. 75:22 (11pp).