Picture of Dr. Marwa Farag

Dr. Marwa Farag Associate Professor

Research Areas

  • Health Policy:  Social determinates of health inequities (in health outcomes, health behaviors, and health-care utilization) and policy implications;
  • Health Economics: Elasticity and effectiveness of health spending;  Equity of health financing;  Economic evaluation and economic burden of disease; 
  • Health Program Evaluation

Current Research

  • Socioeconomic inequities in maternal health care utilization and health care outcomes and policy implications (international focus)
  • Economic evaluations of vaccine and health policy interventions (domestic focus)
  • Barriers to access for health services including mental health services  (international and domestic focus)

Courses Taught

  • PUBH 807: Program Planning and Evaluation
  • PUBH 867: Health Policy and Politics
  • PUBH 852: Canada Health Systems 
  • PUBH 814: Applied Health Economics  

Recent Grants and Awards

As Principal Investigator:

2016-2018. SHRF. Co-PI. "Mobile Hepatitis-C care and treatment in Big River First Nations." ($40,000)

As Co-Investigator:

2017-2020. SSHRC. "The impact of socio-economic, geography and cultural factors on household food insecurity of Syrian refugees: a comprehensive study after resettlement in Canada." ($189,815)

2017-2020. Queen Elizabeth. "Global Leaders Scholarship – Seeking Sustainable Solutions in Food Security and Nutrition for Women and Children: A Tri- Country Approach." ($449,200, plus $478,600 UofS contribution)

2017-2018. One Health - UofS. "One Health approach to improving food security and nutritional status in the context of gender/ethnic inequities in Guatemala." ($15,000)

2017-2018. President SSHRC. "The impact of socio-economic, geography and cultural factors on household food insecurity of Syrian refugees resettled in rural areas and small cities across Saskatchewan." ($6,790)

Recent Publications

Essien, S.K., Feng, C.X., Sun, W., Farag, M., Li, L., Gao, Y. (2018). Sleep duration and sleep disturbances in association with falls among the middle-aged and older adults in China: a population-based nationwide study. BMC geriatrics, 18(1):196.

Awe, O.A., Okpalauwaekwe, U., Lawal, A.K., Ilesanmi, M.M., Feng, C., Farag, M. (2018). Association between patient attachment to a regular doctor and self‐perceived unmet health care needs in Canada: A population‐based analysis of the 2013 to 2014 Canadian community health surveys. The International journal of health planning and management. 

Dankwah, E., Steeves, M., Ramsay, D., Feng, C., Farag, M. (2018). The relationship between sociodemographic factors and reporting having terminated a pregnancy among Ghanaian women: a population-based study. International health. 

Bethune, R., Absher, N., Obiagwu, M., Qarmout, T., Steeves, M., Yaghoubi, M., Tikoo, R., Szafron, M., Dell, C., Farag, M. (2018). Social determinants of self-reported health for Canada's indigenous peoples: a public health approach. Public health.  

Ramsay, D., Steeves, M., Feng, C., Farag, M. (2017). Protective and Risk Factors Associated With Youth Attitudes Toward Violence in Canada. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  

McDonald, B., Kulkarni, M., Andkhoie, M., Kendall, J., Gall, S., Chelladurai, S., Yaghoubi, M., McClean, M., Szafron, M., Farag, M. (2017). Determinants of self-reported mental health and utilization of mental health services in Canada. International Journal of Mental Health. 

Bonner, W.I., Weiler, R., Orisatoki, R., Lu, X., Andkhoie, M., Ramsay, D., Yaghoubi, M., Steeves, M., Szafron, M., Farag, M. (2017). Determinants of self-perceived health for Canadians aged 40 and older and policy implications. International Journal for Equity in Health, 16(1):94.

Bonner, W.I.A., Andkhoie, M., Thompson, C., Farag, M., Szafron, M. (2017). Patterns and factors of problematic marijuana use in the Canadian population: Evidence from three cross-sectional surveys. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 108(2):110.

Rafferty, E., Bonner, W.I., Code, J., McBride, K., Andkhoie, M., Tikoo, R., McClean, S., Dell, C., Szafron, M., Farag, M. (2017). Factors influencing risky single occasion drinking in Canada and policy implications. Archives of public health, 75(1):22.

Bajaj, S., Ramayanam, S., Enebeli, S., Nsohtabien, H., Gall, S., Andkhoie, M., Yaghoubi, M., Szafron, M., Farag, M. (2017). Risk Factors For Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Canada and Provincial Variations. Social Medicine, 11(2):62.