Picture of Dr. George  Mutwiri

Dr. George Mutwiri Executive Director & Professor

Research Areas

  • Vaccines, adjuvants and immunotherapeutic agents
  • Vaccine formulation and delivery systems
  • Immunobiology of Toll-like receptors
  • Mucosal immunology

Current Research

  • research and development of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents
  • the discovery and development of novel vaccine adjuvants, and investigating their mechanisms of actions
  • exploring various approaches to improve the efficacy of vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents through appropriate formulation and delivery
  • investigating how innate immune responses are regulated in the intestines, using TLR9 activation as a model

Current Courses

  • PUBH 806.3 Public Health Biology
  • VACC 801.3 Vaccinology & Immunotherapeutics

Recent Grants and Awards

As Principal Investigator:

2019-2024 - NSERC Discovery, Mechanisms of action of adjuvants in pigs ($165,000)

2016-2019 - Agricultural Development Fund – Saskatchewan, Development of an Influenza vaccine ($185,000)

2014-2019 - NSERC Discovery, Innate immune responses in pigs ($150,000)

As Co-Investigator:

2017-2022 - Tait, C (PI), Mutwiri, G, et al., CIHR, Building Reconciliation Together: Transformative Intergenerational Mentorship. Training Grant – Indigenous mentorship Network Program. ($1,000,000)

2017-2018 - Crizzle, A (PI), Mutwiri, G., et al., CIHR, Developing Priorities and Research Initiatives to address HIV among Indigenous Communities in Saskatchewan ($14,282)

2016 - Tait, C (PI), Mutwiri, G, et al., CIHR, Indigenous Mentorship Program Network – LOI, Training Grant ($25,000)

Recent Publications

S. Jimbo, P. Griebel, L.A. Babiuk and G. Mutwiri. (2019). Natural and Inducible Bregs are widely distributed in ovine lymphoid tissues and natural Bregs are present in bovine Peyer's Patches. Veterinary Immunology & Immunopathology. 2011: 44-48.

B. Magiri, Y. Huang, K. Lai, H. Wilson and G. Mutwiri. (2019). Innate immune response profiles in pigs injected with vaccines adjuvants polydi(sodium carboxylatoethylphenoxy)phosphazene (PCEP) and emulsigen. Veterinary Immunology & Immunopathology. 209: 7-16.

B. Magiri, G. Mutwiri and H.L. Wilson. (2018). Recent advances in experimental polyphosphazene adjuvants and their mechanisms of action. Cell and Tissue Research. 374: 465-71.

B. Magiri, K. Lai, A.M. Chaffey, Y. Zhou, H.M. Pyo, V. Gerdts, H.L. Wilson, and G. Mutwiri. (2018). Intradermal immunization with inactivated swine influenza virus and adjuvant polydi(sodium carboxylatoethylphenoxy)phosphazene (PCEP) induced humoral and cell-mediated immunity and reduced lung viral titres in pigs. Vaccine. 36: 1606-13.

J.B. Darbellay, B. Cox, K. Lai, M. Delgado-Ortega, C. Wheler, D. Wilson, S. Walker, G. Starrak, H. Duncan, Y. Huang, G. Mutwiri, A. Potter, M. Gilmour, D. Safronetz, V. Gerdts, and U. Karniychuk. 2017. Zika Virus causes persistent infection in porcine conceptuses and may impair health in offspring. EBioMedicine. 25: 73-86.

B. Magiri, K. Lai, A.M. Chaffey, H.L. Wilson, W.E. Berry, M.L. Szafron and G. Mutwiri. (2016). Response of Immune response genes to adjuvants poly[di(sodium carboxylatoethylphenoxy)phosphazene](PCEP), CpG oligodeoxynucleotide and emulsigen at intradermal injection site in pigs. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology. 175: 57-63.

S. Jimbo, P.J. Griebel, H. Townsend, L.A. Babiuk and G. Mutwiri. (2016). Evidence for the existence of regulatory and effector B cell populations in Peyer’s patches of sheep. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology. 174: 26-34.

S. Backes, C. Jager, C.J. Dembek, A.D. Kosinka, T. Bauer, A.S. Stephan, A. Dislers, G. Mutwiri, D.H. Busch, L.A. Babiuk, G. Gasteiger and U. Protzer. (2016). Protein-prime/modified vaccinia Ankara vector-boost vaccination overcomes tolerance in high-antigenic HBV-transgenic mice. Vaccine. 34: 923-32.

J.A. Pasternak, S.H. Ng, R.M. Buchanan, S. Mertins, G. Mutwiri, V. Gerdts and H.L. Wislon. (2015). Oral antigen exposure in newborn piglets circumvents induction of oral tolerance in response to intraperitoenal vaccination in later life. BMC Veterinary Research. 11: 50.

S. Awate, F.N. Eng, V. Gerdts, L.A. Babiuk and G. Mutwiri. (2014). Caspase-1 dependent IL-1b secretion and antigen-specific T-cell activation by the novel adjuvant PCEP. Vaccines (Basel). 2: 500-14.