School of Public Health

Research Areas

  • Child Health
  • Aging in Place
  • Rural Health
  • Indigenous Health
  • Physical Activity & Physical Literacy
  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Community-Based Participatory Research

Dr. Froehlich Chow is currently accepting Doctoral and Masters students.

Current Research

  • Integrating wholistic approaches (based on Western and Traditional Knowledge) into wellness focused interventions (e.g., physical activity, physical literacy and nutrition) to promote the health of rural and Indigenous communities, particularly among more vulnerable populations (young children and older adults)
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations with rural, urban and Indigenous communities to develop, implement and evaluate community-based chronic disease prevention and treatment initiatives

Current Courses

  • PUBH 807 Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • PUBH 803 Health Promotion 
  • PUBH 898 Health Promotion Programs Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

Recent Grants and Awards

As Principal Investigator

2019-2021. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Listening and learning: applying a community-based participatory approach to the design of a physical literacy model for Indigenous older adults ($73,596) 

As Co-Investigator

2018-2021. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers & Agriculture Development Fund. Pulse Positive: An educational campaign to increase awareness and consumption by integrating pulses into Elementary Schools. ($403,500)

2017-2020. Public Health Agency of Canada. Healthy Start-Départ Santé. ($1.6 million)

2016-2017. Community Initiatives Funds. Parents, Community and Teachers: A Dream Team Approach to Developing Physical Literacy in Children. ($49,989) 

2015-2017. Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Starting Young: Incorporating Local Pulses in the Menus of Childcare Centres in Saskatchewan. ($99,935)

Recent Publications

Leis, A., Ward, S., Vatanparst, H., Humbert, L., Froehlich Chow, A., Muhajarine, N., Engler-Stringer Bélanger, M. (2019). Effectiveness of the Healthy Start-Départ Santé approach on physical activity, healthy eating and fundamental movement skills of preschoolers attending childcare centres: A randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health. Accepted.

Morgan, D., Kosteniuk, J., O'Connell, Kirk, A., Stewart, N., Seitz, D., Bayly, M., Froehlich Chow, A., Elliot, V Daku, J., Hack, T., Hoium F., Kennett-Russill, D., & Sauter, K. (2019). Barriers and Facilitators to Implementation of a Rural Primary Health Care Intervention for Dementia. BMC Health Services Research. In Press.

Bayly, M., Morgan, D., Kosteniuk, J., Froehlich Chow, A., & Elliot, V. (2019). Protocol for a systematic review on interventions for caregivers to persons with MCI and early dementia: Does early stage intervention improve caregiver wellbeing and ability to provide care? BMJ Open.

Bayly, M., Morgan, D., Froehlich Chow, A., Kosteniuk, J., & Elliot, V. (2019). A scoping review of dementia-related education and support service availability, accessibility and use in rural areas: Barriers and promising solutions. Canadian Journal on Aging. In Press.

Elliot V., Kosteniuk, J., Morgan, M., Froehlich Chow, A., & Bayly, M. (2018). Health-Related Stigma of Non-Communicable Neurological Disease in Rural Adult Populations: A Scoping Review. Health & Social Care in the Community. 27: e158 e188.

Froehlich Chow, A., M., Bayly, M., Kosteniuk, J. & Elliot, V. (2018). Collaborative Approaches to Team-Based Primary Health Care for Individuals with Dementia in Rural and Remote Settings: A Scoping Review. Canadian Journal on Aging; 38(3):367-383

McGilton, K., Vellani, S., Yeung, L., Jawad, C., Commisso, E., Ploeg, J., Andrew, M., Ayala, A., Gray, M., Morgan, D., Froehlich Chow, A., Parrott, E., Stephens, D., Hale, L., Keatings, M., Walker, J., Wodchis, W., Dubé, V., McElhaney, J. & Puts, M. (2018). Identifying and Understanding the Health and Social Care Needs of Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions and their Caregivers: A Scoping Review. BMC Geriatrics. 18(1):231. doi: 10.1186/s12877-018-0925-x

Ward, S., Froehlich Chow, A., Humbert, L., Bélanger, M., Leis, A., Vatanparast. H., & Muhajarine, N. (2017). Promoting Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Physical Literacy Among Preschoolers Attending Childcare Centres Healthy Start-Départ Santé Intervention Using the RE-AIM Framework. Evaluation and Program Planning. 68, 90-98.

Sari, N., Muhajarine, N., & Froehlich Chow, A. (2016). Implementation cost of a physical activity and healthy eating intervention at childcare setting: Lessons from Saskatchewan/New Brunswick Healthy Start-Départ Santé Intervention. Biomedical Central Health Services Research. 17(1), 57.

Leis, A., Bélanger, M., Humbert, L., Vatanparast, H., Ward, S., Muhajarine, N., Froehlich Chow, A., Engler-Stringer, R., Donovan, D., Carrier, N. (2016). A multilevel intervention to increase physical activity and improve healthy eating and physical literacy among young children (ages 3-5) attending early childcare centres: The Healthy Start-Départ Santé cluster randomized controlled trial study protocol. Biomedical Central Public Health. 16, 313 doi:10.1186/s12889-016-2973-5