Top prize at research day for Vaccinology student

MingJie Hao, a Master of Science student in the School of Public Health (SPH) Vaccinology and Immunotherapeutics (V and I) thesis-based program, has taken first prize in the cell signalling research category at the 23rd annual life and health sciences research day, held on March 11.

Hao won the award for her poster tilted “Bovine Adenovirus-3 (BAdV-3) capsid proteins pV and pVIII have potential to inhibit cellular innate immune response", based on recent research focused on identifying BAdV-3 “pre-packed” capsid proteins involved in regulating the primary signaling cascade of innate immune response.

The annual research day, which started as a graduate research seminar series in the College of Medicine, now invites all postgraduate students in life and health sciences, dentistry and medical residents, to submit an abstract and poster for judging. This evolution reflects the importance of collaboration in modern research, and provides opportunities for students like Hao to come together with peers and faculty members to share diverse research interests.

Hao completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology at the NorthWest A&F University in China and a three-month internship at Queen’s University before joining the SPH V&I program in September 2014, under the supervision of Dr. Suresh Tikoo.

Congratulations on your success MingJie!

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